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Putting a wag in their tail

Why choose Positively Pawfect?

We are force-free, fear-free and shock-free in every element of our training!

We only use kind and positive methods that are based on scientific studies and are proven to get great, long-lasting results that create a strong relationship between you and your dog based on mutual trust.

During private sessions, we'll create a training plan to suit your dog's specific needs and one that you can manage and maintain around your lifestyle. Our group classes and workshops are safe environments set up so you can get the best out of the sessions and your dog is set up for success. We'll give you all of the information and skills needed to effectively train your dog whilst we are working together and when you've completed training with us. if you aren't sure whether group or private training is for you, why not drop us a message on our Get in Touch page.

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Meet The Team

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Josie Shahabeddin

Our Director and Head Trainer, Josie, has completed her training with the Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training & Behaviour (with distinction), and is currently completing a Level 5 Canine Behaviour Diploma. Josie specialises in Separation Anxiety and Dog & Child safety.


Carolina de Almeida Kennedy

Carolina has worked with Positively Pawfect for over three years, completing extensive training with IMDT and British College for Canine Studies. She specialises in canine nutrition and you can find more about her wellbeing services here.


Johanna Hudd

Jo has worked as a dog walker for the past five years and is a qualified dog trainer through the Institute of Modern Dog Training. Check out Jo’s dog walking page here.

How can we help you?

Not sure which is best for you and your dog
Drop us a message and we'll help you choose the most suitable option

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