Our Training Academy

We are passionate about positive training and are here to help you give your dog the best life. Our courses cover everything from preparing for your puppy's arrival to teaching the more advanced skills.

Puppy Pre-School

This package will prepare you for your puppy's arrival and will cover all foundation work to set them up for a positive start in life.

We will teach you about the importance of routines, sleep and play, discuss training methods and get you started with some key skills such as toilet training, learning how to sit, settle, lie down, and others.

Our Puppy Pre-School is suitable for puppies who've had their second vaccination (typically at around 12 weeks).

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Primary School

This package is suitable for any puppies or beginners, and continues to build on the foundations that will help you train a well-rounded pooch.

We will support you to reinforce basic commands, and help you add distractions that solidify those commands. In this course we will explore life-saving leave it and drop it commands, introduce loose lead walking, recall, handler engagement, and more.

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High School

This package is suitable for any dogs & handlers who have graduated from Primary School.

This 5-week course will help you expand on the basic obedience skills that you taught your dog in our (or another) beginners course. We will increase their response to skills, perfect them and challenge them by adding distractions, distance and duration.

In this class we are able to tailor the content to the dog and handler's needs, and work on skills and scenarios you may be struggling with. Common skills covered include loose lead walking, recall, and handler engagement.