Do you need someone to pop over and see your pet during the day?

If so, we're more than happy to visit them.

If you would like them letting outside for the toilet, feeding, playing or even having a cuddle (which we love!) then let us know and we'll give your animal some tlc!

To add a walk onto a visit, add an extra £2.50 . For two+ dogs, it is £3 extra per dog.

Overnight stays in your home are £35 per night.


Are you going away and need someone to look after your small animals in your home and keep an eye on your house, clean their hutch or give them some cuddles?

If so, this is the service for you!

We'll pop over and check anything you need to be checked and, just like a home visit, we'll give your pets some tlc! 

Overnight stays in your home are £35 per night.

30 minute visits: £8

1 hour visits: £10