One to Ones

One to one sessions are a great alternative to group classes, especially for dogs who find group settings overwhelming or for dogs with behavioural problems. Sessions can be done close together or spread out over time to suit you.

On a one to one visit we will work with you to create a training plan to help your dog learn and feel positive!

We can help with all sorts of different issues, such as pulling on the lead, not coming back when called, nipping, resource guarding, confidence building, stealing things and not giving them back and so much more!

To find out more or to book a consultation,

please contact us via our Get in Touch page.

Initial Consultation and Tailored Training Plan

£60 for a one off consult (this initial consultation price is included in the

package prices below)


Standard package

Premium package

Ultimate package

Initial consult + two

1 hour sessions: £147

Initial consult + five

1 hour sessions£259


Please note that there is a 45p p/m charge to places over 10 miles from our base at PR3 2RJ

Initial consult + ten

1 hour sessions£419