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Online and Video-Link Training

How it works:

Classes and 121's will be run through our Portal so you can see and hear each other. Josie will be able to move about the room and the camera will follow so she can demonstrate skills like she would during in-person sessions. Josie will be able to see you working with your dog and assist you in doing the exercises.

Below is information on how our in-person training will be adjusted to online and video-link sessions. For more information on what each service involves, please refer to our in-person training menu. 

Our Enrichment Sessions are video-link sessions which have been set up to help keep your dog happy and content during the social distancing and lock-down period. These are 30 minute sessions where we can help you find enriching ways to stimulate your dog through exercise and brain work from the comfort of your own home and garden. 

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Services & Prices

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Enrichment Session:

Positive Start Packages:

Puppy & Beginners Course:

Training Club (video-link & online): 

Relaxed Rally (online only):

Dog & Baby Safety:

Private One to One Training:


2 sessions: £9.99 




1hr Pawfect Start: £18.99 / 2hr Pawfect Families: £29.99

One off session: £18.99

Standard Package: £32.95

Premium Package: £55.99

Platinum Package: £62.95

Ultimate Package: £120