Pawfect Days

Day Training

How does it work?

Our Pawfect-Day packages are perfect if you lead a busy life and need a little extra help training your dog.

We'll find out what you'd like help training your dog to do, whether that's in your home or out and about, or what you're struggling with. We'll then train them for you!

The day of training will last 5 hours and we'll then meet with you for an hour to hand everything we've done over to you so that you can continue the training with your dog. We're more than happy to split the 5 hours into two sessions.

We have three packages available and if you'd like more information or to arrange a session, contact us via our Get in Touch page.

Pawfect-Day Packages

Standard Package

One 5 hour session plus one 1 hour handover session and 1 months support via phone, email or skype: £270

Premium Package:

Two 5 hour sessions plus two 1 hour handover sessions and 2 months support via phone, email or skype: £504

Deluxe Package:

Four 5 hour sessions plus four 1 hour handover sessions and 4 months support via phone, email or skype: £984

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