Puppy Parties

Get £5 off our puppy & beginners training course when you join a Puppy Party!

Puppy Parties can be attended by any dog under 16 weeks old that is fully vaccinated

Puppy Parties are a great way to socialise your puppy in a safe and controlled environment during the most influential stage of their life. During this stage, puppies are most accepting of new experiences. Any learning forms lasting memories and any negative experiences can affect your puppy for life. Socialise your puppy whilst learning how to set them up for a successful and happy life with you.

During the session we will cover the following:

* House training

* Crate training

* Bite inhibition

* Chewing

* Safe socialisation

* Travel

* Appropriate Play

       ...and much more!

Venue: Good Dogs Daycare, Preston Capitol Centre

Time: 20:00-21:00

Dates: one off sessions - contact us to find out the next available dates

Price: £10