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Pawfect Families

Creating safe environments and happy families

Here at Positively Pawfect we are specialists in DOG, BABY AND CHILD SAFETY and are passionate about ensuring homes with dogs are safe for young children. Often when a baby is on the way or there’s a newborn or toddler in the house, the dynamics completely change and families struggle to manage with a dog as well. This can be through fear of the dog biting the child.

Not only do we work with families that have a four legged member, but we deliver programs for young children who would like to regain confidence around dogs following the Kids Around Dog’s protocol.

To complete your booking, please download and complete the Assessment Form below, and return it to us.

Please note there is a charge of 45p per mile for any sessions delivered at postcodes over 10 miles from PR3 2RJ.

About our Pawfect start & family packages

The majority of dog bites to children occur from the family dog – not because the dog is an ‘aggressive’ one but because the dog has felt uncomfortable and it’s signals have not been recognised and therefore, it has resorted to a bite through fear.

​Our Pawfect Families programme is aimed at setting you up for success with a little one and your lovely dog. Sessions can be done before baby arrives to help set you up for success right from the start. They can also be done once baby arrives home or as the child gets older – it’s never too early or late to work on safety!

​Our sessions involve practical advice and support, including relevant skills to teach your dog, setting up your home environment to avoid your dog becoming uncomfortable and help them adjust to your new arrival or newly toddling little one, practical advice tailored to your family and any challenges you have or may face.

This package includes:

- 1 x 2hr tailored consultation when we will assess the needs of your family and create a tailored training plan

- 2 x 1hr follow up sessions where we will work on different skills, control, and management techniques

- 3 months free advice via email

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Pawfect Family



Valid for 3 months

1 x 2-hour consultation

2 x 1-hour one to one sessions

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