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Training Club

Our Training Club is a community of dog guardians who come together to train new and solidify existing skills and behaviours. Our Training Club will help you improve your dog’s response to different cues, perfecting behaviours and challenging them by adding distractions, distance and duration.

​​Membership to our Training Club costs £65 and includes:

– Five group sessions

– Access to our private Facebook group where you have access to our trainers, and other dog guardians to ask questions, share frustrations, and celebrate your wins

Being a member of our Training Club, you will have the opportunity to work towards different badges and awards, including:
– Recall, Loose Lead, Impulse Control badges, amongst others
– Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards

In this club our trainers will support you to work on the skills and behaviours that matter to you. You will work at your dog’s pace and get individual feedback and support throughout the sessions.

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Upcoming Courses

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