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Puppy & Beginners Classes

Our beginners training course consists of six sessions where your dog will socialise and learn new skills in a safe and controlled environment.

​As positive trainers we strive to ensure that all dogs in the class have positive experiences and that all training is force-free, pain-free, and punishment-free. We like to make sure classes are always lots of fun for you and your dog!

​In these classes, your dog will learn the beginnings of loose lead walking, learn to settle down and chill out (great for those hyper puppies running around the house!), how to sit, lie down, recall, stay, leave things alone, and much more!

​This course costs £95 and includes:

– Six group sessions (Week 1 is online, Weeks 2 to 6 are in-person at your chosen venue)

– Access to our online academy with written and video content for all the skills you will learn in class

– Access to our private Facebook group with access to our trainers where you can ask questions, share frustrations, and celebrate wins

Upcoming classes

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